On request, we teach small groups if you as a group asks us to do so since we do very seldom get inquiries from students with similar demands and knowledge levels at the same time.

It is our pedagogy to teach so that all clients have a regular and frequent opportunity to practice communicating on the basis of their respective knowledge level. Regular practice combined with an incremental improvement of accuracy will help you to become more and more confident and proficient in a foreign language.

Each cooperation starts with an evaluation of the demand and the language level as well as the wishes and objectives of every student. Ensuing lesson planning does, of course, also consider the language levels (A1 – C2) and respective competencies as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

You would like to learn a language for your job, for dealing with daily life in a foreign country, for travelling or just for fun? You are an advanced learner or you start from scratch?

Please contact us and ask for your individual offer.