Welcome to UR welcome Sprachencoaching !

We are a small and private language school which offers language teaching in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You learn a foreign language either in one-to-ones, in pairs or in very small groups of four people at most so that possible inhibitions can easily be overcome thus making room for a fast learning success.

Whether in our language school in Bremen or via video meeting: we help you achieve your objectives.

Your Language Coach: Bettina Schlichtherle

Teacher, Translator, Interpreter
certified and experienced
TELC examiner licence
with commercial training
nominated for the Bremen Studies Award 2005


Language teaching for adults and adolescents
various jobs for international companies in the UK, France and Germany
(e. g. Bosch, British Airways, Deutsche Messe AG and more)
All things are difficult before they are easy. (Thomas Fuller)

Our clients:

Companies in the steel trade business
and in the applied space technology and microgravity
as well as a large number of individuals
of various nationalities