We support your staff by improving their communicative competencies in a foreign language, thus enabling them to successfully maintain international business relations. Whether the language coaching is for your receptionist or manager, our lessons take into account all staff’s respective tasks and skills.

It is our pedagogy to teach so that all clients have a regular and frequent opportunity to practice communicating. Regular practice combined with an incremental improvement of accuracy will help your employees to become more and more confident and proficient in a foreign language.

Each cooperation starts with an evaluation of the demand, the language level and the objectives of every student. Ensuing lesson planning does, of course, also consider the language levels (A1 – C2) and respective competencies as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Assessment of progress can be provided after each unit if you wish for it.

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Common contents:

Small Talk - Telephoning - Writing emails - Making offers and placing orders - Welcoming visitors - Preparing and holding/attending meetings - Preparing and giving talks - Preparing and visiting trade fairs and exhibitions