One-to-ones do have an obvious advantage: Your wishes and objectives are unrivalled. We start working on the basis of your individual knowledge level. You thus most efficiently benefit from your investment of time and money.

It is our pedagogy to teach so that all clients have a regular and frequent opportunity to practice communicating. Regular practice combined with an incremental improvement of accuracy will help you to become more and more confident and proficient in a foreign language.

Each cooperation starts with an evaluation of the demand and the language level as well as the wishes and objectives of every student. Ensuing lesson planning does, of course, also consider the language levels (A1 – C2) and respective competencies as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

You would like to learn a language for your job, for dealing with daily life in a foreign country, for travelling or just for fun? You are an advanced learner or you start from scratch? Please contact us.
You may choose one of these options:

Lessons twice a week (2 x 45 minutes), for at least six months, 187,- € monthly (instead of approx. 240,- €)*

Lessons once a week (45 minutes), for at least six months, 93,50,- € monthly (instead of approx. 120,- €)*

Lessons every second week (45 minutes), for at least six months, 47,- € monthly (instead of approx. 60,- €)*

One-to-ones, by appointment and thus flexible, 30,- € per lesson (45 minutes), can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance

* For these offers, the following conditions apply:
After six months, your cooperation with UR welcome Sprachencoaching can easily be ended by the end of a month. Lessons can only be cancelled by the language school. In this case, the school offers compensation. The language school closes twice a year: for four weeks in summer and two weeks around Christmas. The monthly payment will then be adapted accordingly, i. e. you do not have to pay throughout the school’s holidays.